Reversible Free
Standing Boards
Free standing boards provide the ability to communicate wherever needed. The two sided board can be configured with a variety of surfaces to fit your needs. Choose from a selection of writing surfaces or natural cork tack board. The reversible board conveniently rotates and firmly locks in place for stability. Choose from a solid red oak wood frame with a high gloss lacquer finish or an aluminum frame with a clear satin anodized finish. Both frame styles are shipped KD and assemble easily with basic tools. Optional swivel casters provide extra mobility and are available with either plastic or non-skid rubber wheels.
H & W
Solid Oak
Satin Anodized Aluminum
Composition Chalkboard Both Sides
36" x 48" RC3648 ARC3648
42" x 60" RC4260 ARC4260
48" x 72" RC4872 ARC4872
Composition Chalkboard/Natural Cork
36" x 48" RBC3648 ACB3648
42" x 60" RBC4260 ACB4260
48" x 72" RBC4872 ACB4872
Please specify Black(B) or Green(G) when ordering. Example: 36"x48"
Wood Frame with Green chalkboard ARC3648G
Natural Cork Both Sides
36" x 48" RBB3648
42" x 60" RBB4260
48" x 72" RBB4872
Melamine Markerboard Both Sides
36" x 48" WRC3648 WARC3648
42" x 60" WRC4260 WARC4260
48" x 72" WRC4872 WARC4872
Melamine Markerboard/Natural Cork
36" x 48" WRBC3648 WACB3648
42" x 60" WRBC4260 WACB4260
48" x 72" WRBC4872 WACB4872
Porcelain Markerboard Both Sides
36" x 48" WRS3648 WARS3648
42" x 60" WRS4260 WARS4260
48" x 72" WRS4872 WARS4872
Porcelain Chalkboard Both Sides
36" x 48" RS3648 ARS3648
42" x 60" RS4260 ARS4260
48" x 72" RS4872 ARS4872
Note: Add the color code at the end of the model # to indicate the required color, specify Green (G) or Slate Gray (S). Example: 36"x48" Wood Frame with Green chalkboard WRS3648G.
Optional Swivel Casters Model#
2 Locking-2 Non-Locking
Rubber Non-Skid Swivel Casters

2 Locking-2 Non-Locking
Plastic Swivel Casters

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