Letters and Graphics

Universal Single Tab Changeable Letters

Injection molded white letter and number fonts with single tabs to fit any grooved letter board. All sets include assortment tray with identification symbols for easy use.
Helvetica Typeface ABC
Model # Characters/Set Size
HF.50 165 1/2"
HF.75 165 3/4"
HF1.0 165 1"
HF1.5 138 1 1/2""
HF2.0 160 2"
Helvetica Double Sets
Gothic Style Typeface
Model # Characters/Set Size
HFD.50 330 1/2"
HFD.75 330 3/4"
HFD1.0 330 1"
HFD1.5 276 1 1/2""
HFD2.0 320 2"
Model # Characters/Set Size
GF.75 165 3/4"
GF1.0 165 1"
Universal Single Tab Changeable Letters Fits Any Board
Gothic Double Sets
Model # Characters/Set Size
GFD.75 330 3/4"
GFD1.0 330 1"
Marquee Changeable Letters

Highly visible 5" letters are precision silk screened on .020 clear polycarbonate sheet. Each set includes an assortment of 500 individually packed symbols. Polycarbonate will not melt or distort as a result of direct sunlight or high interior temperatures.

Model# F5.0 5" Letters
Typeface styles for headers
Vinyl cut lettering is computer generated to produce sharp, distinct characters in many shapes, sizes and colors.

Our art department will custom create logos and other designs to personalize the message that best suit your needs.

Multiple color messages and custom design are
also available at additional costs.

Standard symbols that are available at no
additional charge:
Art work available for Symbol Case
Standard Symbols
Custom Symbols

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