Place OverBoard over existing Board (use adhesive where necessary)
Attach OverBoard with screws through pre-drilled holes in frame
Aarco Products’ Overboard resurfacing system is designed to easily install new porcelain surfaces over existing chalkboards, saving time and money. Units are custom fabricated to be congruent with the originally installed material, thus eliminating the need for removal. • Eliminates costly labor to repair old frames and surfaces
• Eliminates costly labor and downtime related to asbestos removal from old structures
• Provides high performance retrofitting of old boards

• Surface is Aarco porcelain on steel markerboard or chalkboard with 1/4" tempered hardboard core and .005
foil moisture seal
• Framed on four sides with satin anodized aluminum
• Install in minutes with pre-drilled holes over existing frame
• Porcelain writing surface is indestructible when used as directed and guaranteed for life
• Adhesive supplied for spotting on old surface
• High Gloss surface is standard
• Low Gloss markerboard surface is also available
(requires regular cleaning for optimum performance)
When ordering provide your exact measurements and use next larger model number. For pricing, exact measurement must be provided. Specify color when ordering.
Measure existing board
Provide your exact measurements and use next larger size for pricing. If existing board has a chalktray, measure from the top of the chalktray to the top of the frame. Then measure the exact outside width of the frame.
Standard Sizes Model#
4' h x 6' w OVB4872
4' h x 8' w OVB4896
4' h x 10' w OVB48120
4' h x 12' w OVB48144
4' h x 16' w OVB48192
• Actual size as measured 34 3/8"h x 70 1/2"w
• Choose OVB4872 for pricing
• Order OVB 34 3/8"h x 70 1/2"w

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