Floor Mounted Units with Full Vertical Movement
Vertical Sliding Units are efficiently designed to maximize the use of valuable wall space. Equipped with two premium Vitre Steel porcelain markerboards with ultra light honeycomb backing that are counterbalanced and can be raised or lowered smoothly and with fingertip ease.
A third rear stationary markerboard can be fully exposed by positioning the two sliding boards behind the fixed kick panel. Kick panels are equipped with attractive Burlap Weave vinyl which is durable and washable.
• High Gloss surface is standard
• Low Gloss markerboard surface is also available (requires regular cleaning for optimum performance)

Product Video
View attached video, shows how to use
and maintain.

10' h x 8' w FFVSU96-2
10' h x 12' w FFVSU144-2
10' h x 16' w FFVSU192-2
High Performance

Markers and erasers not included

Hide a panel design

Sliding panels disappear behind the decorative kick panel and provides multi-media capability
Custom sizes and configurations available.
Fixed rear panel is completely exposed. Educators can prepare multiple lessons ahead of time and if they wish, keep them out of sight by lowering the sliding panel. Then when they are ready to display this portion they simply raise the panel.
Panels slide down behind the kick panel. The sliding panel lifts smoothly and easily thanks to the precision counter balancing and glide system. It takes little more than a finger to raise or lower the panel.
Optional Fixtures
Models are also available without a back panel allowing you to install it in front of a closet or shelving, providing access to storage. This design can also be used to place in front of and interactive display providing even more flexibility while protecting it when not in use.
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